Here we are today, the 21st generation, where we all are exposed to a lot about information technology and exposed to a lot of data, which were not available in the past generations, we are in the generation where there are computers and the Internet.

The internet has become an important element in the life of the individual, Especially doing a lot of assignments and works with the help of a computer and the internet.

Computer and Internet have become indisposable for us all. Young generation uses the computer and the internet more successful and faster than previous generations.

But there is an issue with some community where there are computers but there is the absence of internet for everyone, e.g Free Wifi, its really an issue in my country but we have some internet service providers who provide internet access around the nation at some price which are cool and the same time, those internet service plans ain’t so good to some guys likewise.


mtn nigeria

MTN is one of Africa’s leading cellular telecommunications company. On May 16, 2001, MTN became the first GSM network to make a call following the globally lauded Nigerian GSM auction conducted by the Nigerian Communications Commission earlier in the year. Thereafter the company launched full commercial operations beginning with Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

MTN paid $285m for one of four GSM licenses in Nigeria in January 2001. To date, in excess of US$1.8 billion has been invested building mobile telecommunications infrastructure in Nigeria.

Since launch in August 2001, MTN has steadily deployed its services across Nigeria. It now provides services in 223 cities and towns, more than 10,000 villages and communities and a growing number of highways across the country, spanning the 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Many of these villages and communities are being connected to the world of telecommunications for the first time ever.

The company’s digital microwave transmission backbone, the 3,400 Kilometre Y’elloBahn was commissioned by President Olusegun Obasanjo in January 2003 and is reputed to be the most extensive digital microwave transmission infrastructure in all of Africa. The Y’elloBahn has significantly helped to enhance call quality on the MTN network.

The company subsists on the core brand values of leadership, relationship, integrity, innovation and can-do. It prides itself on its ability to make the impossible possible, connecting people with friends, family and opportunities.

MTN Nigeria also recently expanded its network capacity to include a new numbering range with the prefix 0806, making MTN the first GSM network in Nigeria to have adopted an additional numbering system, having exhausted its initial subscriber numbering range – 0803.

In its resolve to enhance quality customer service, MTN Nigeria has also introduced a self-help toll-free 181 customer-care line through which subscribers can resolve their frequently asked questions free of charge.

MTN’s overriding mission is to be a catalyst for Nigeria’s economic growth and development, helping to unleash Nigeria’s strong developmental potential not only through the provision of world-class communications but also through innovative and sustainable corporate social responsibility initiatives

These guys have been doing something great in Nigeria.


airtel nigeria

Airtel Nigeria (Airtel Networks Limited), a leading mobile telecommunication services provider in Nigeria and a member of Airtel Africa Group, is committed to providing innovative, exciting, affordable and quality mobile services to Nigerians, giving them the freedom to communicate, rise above their daily challenges and drive economic and social development.

The company made history on August 5, 2001, by becoming the first telecoms operator to launch commercial GSM services in Nigeria and has scored a series of many “firsts” in the highly competitive Nigerian telecommunications market including the first to introduce toll-free 24-hour customer care; first to launch service in all the six geo-political zones in the country; first to introduce affordable recharge denominations; first to introduce monthly free SMS and first to introduce monthly airtime bonus.

A truly innovative company, Airtel has shown resilience, charting new paths in meeting the demands and needs of its esteemed stakeholders and enhancing distribution as well as providing affordable services to empower more Nigerians.

In Nigeria, Airtel is working tirelessly to live up to an ambitious vision of being the most loved brand in the daily lives of Nigerians as it offers a superior brand experience and a portfolio of innovative products & services ranging from exciting voice solutions to inventive data packages and mobile broadband.

Airtel Nigeria is proud to celebrate its milestones and efforts towards achieving robust and extensive network coverage across the country for both voice and data services. Airtel Nigeria has invested enormous resources in the upgrading of its network infrastructure and has made significant CAPEX (capital expenditure) investment towards improving network quality. Currently, Airtel Nigeria has the widest and largest 3.75G coverage in the country.

In the last 30 months, Airtel Nigeria has invested over $1.2bn dollars to expand and deepen network capacity and quality in Nigeria, in pursuit of world-class Quality of Service (QoS).

To deepen Airtel Nigeria’s network capacity and coverage, it rolled out the 3.75G platforms, offering high-speed mobile Internet, across the 36 States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja.

Airtel Nigeria is the first Telco to complete LTE (Long Term Evolution) trial in Lagos and also the first to introduce High Definition (HD) Voice Service. This stands as a testimony to Airtel’s great efforts in terms of massive investment and desire to empower Nigerians with innovative and relevant telecommunications services and solutions.

This is how Airtel is covering Nigeria and providing reliable and robust 3.75G network coverage to all parts of Nigeria.

And their plans are really cool and helps the nation at large a lot, in terms of calls rate and data bundles, but there are still communities that lack Airtel internet services.


etisalat nigeria

Etisalat Nigeria was actually established in the month of October 2008. In Nigeria, Etisalat can now boast of up to 14 million subscribers.  EasyBlaze is Etisalat’s brainchild and it is among the first broadband services ever operated in Nigeria.  Most mobile phones in Nigeria run on an Etisalat SIM.

Innovation is the hallmark of Etisalat Nigeria. One of the etisalat nigeriagreatest innovations has to do with the 0809uchoose campaign that took Nigeria by storm. Etisalat planned to expand its services in Nigeria and this prompted the company to invest up to $500 million into its Nigerian telecommunication market.

This investment decision further increased Etisalat’s market base in Nigeria by as much as 17%.  One of the great innovations put in place by Etisalat is the Etisalat Prize for Literature. This is undoubtedly the first of its kind in Africa.

Etisalat Nigeria stands out as a force to compete with. Its services are giving competitors like MTN and Globacom lots of headache.

At the Middle East and African level, Etisalat has become the biggest carrier of international voice traffic it is the 12th biggest on world standard. Nigerian customers on Etisalat will be able to connect with friends, family and business associates in up to 186 countries of the world.

Nigerian users can connect via Etisalat using blackberry, GPRS, voice roaming and 3G. Nigerian users can easily connect with European cities like Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London where Etisalat makes use of PoP (Points of Presence).

Users can also connect with cities like New York and Singapore via Etisalat PoP. To make things more interesting for their Nigerian users, Etisalat launched the LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G Network.

EMTs (Emerging Market Telecommunication Services) signed an agreement with Etisalat, which gave the later the opportunity to control up to 40% of the former’s services.  EMTs stands as the 4th largest GSM operator in Nigeria.

These guys have been doing really great work in Nigeria, I personally can vouch for them, I remember when I started my internet journey I was using their network service their bundle is really great, but they really need to cover more communities in my country, cause their service ain’t just in some communities.


GLOBACOM which we know as the Indigenous Telecommunication in Nigeria In August 2003, Glo Mobile was launched in Nigeria. Glo Mobile introduced lower tariffs, pay per-second billing and alongside other value-added services.

Although Glo Mobile was the fourth GSM operator to launch in Nigeria, within seven years of the company’s operation, its subscriber base has grown to over 25 million. In the first year of operation, it had one million subscribers in over 87 towns in Nigeria and over 120 billion Naira in revenues.

In June 2008, Glo Mobile was launched in the Republic of Benin. Glo Mobile showed unprecedented growth through the sale of 600,000 SIM cards in the first ten days of operation.

In May 2008, GLO acquired an operating license through its Glo Mobile division in Ghana. On April 30, 2012 GLO officially launched in Ghana after a series of postponement.

GLO is privately owned by the Mike Adenuga Group which also consists of Equatorial Trust Bank (ETB) now Sterling Bank, Conoil PLC, a petroleum marketing company, and Conoil Producing, a crude exploration company.

And their data plan and internet network is also good and fast in some areas, while its super slow in some areas, I still remember when they were doing a data plan of #200 for 1.2GB I was a good fan of their network then.

But to be honest they are really good and has contributed to the wireless community a lot.



This has been the 2nd main pole in the nation, University Wifi has helped a lot of we students, some schools have it, while some don’t, I will really advice other universities who are yet to introduce this to their institution to please do, and help grow the wireless community.


smile nigeria

These guys are awesome also and they are contributing to the growth of the wireless community really well with their strong network service and better data plan all across the communities and villages, states.



These guys are awesome also and they are contributing to the growth of the wireless community really well with their strong network service and better data plan all across few states, which is also an issue that I would love them to work on.


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