Looking for best alternatives to WhatsApp due to your privacy concerns? if thats it, you are at the right place.

In this guide you will learn about five free WhatsApp alternatives and good practices for privacy focused messaging apps.

If you have seen the recent updates to WhatsApp privacy policy, you will see the policy clarifies how they will handle our data.

They made it clear that they will be collecting a ton of telementry data from our devices.

Some of us are not happy with that update which led to the finding of privacy focused WhatsApp alternatives.

So let’s get started!

Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps in 2024

  1. Signal
  2. Threema
  3. Wire
  4. Wickr Me
  5. Session

1. Signal

Signal is a free messenger that features secure, end-to-end encrypted text, voice, and video chats, voice and video calls, as well as secure file and photo transfers.

It is built around the Signal Messaging Protocol, widely recognized as the most secure messaging protocol available.

signal best whatsapp alternative

Signal Messaging App is a free alternative to WhatsApp, it powers the same end-to-end encryption technology in WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger.

You have access to features that are on WhatsApp, like video calls, voice note, as well as secure file and photo transfer.

And it happens that signal uses the Signal messaging Protocol, which is know to be the most secure messaging protocols that are available.

Signal also has a self-destructing messages feature and secure security that prevents anyone from taking screenshots.

What data or metadata do Signal collects from users?

Signal collects and store little data as possible;

  • The date you logged in last
  • The date and time you joined signal
  • Your Phone Number

That’s all, unlike WhatsApp that gathers loads of information about us and store them on their servers.

The most interesting part of the signal story is that, reputable individuals in the society got endorsement from People like, Edward Snowden.

edward uses signal whatsapp alternative

Even the founder of Ethereum Vitalik was a user of Signal.

vitalik uses signal messaging app

Jack Dorsey of Twitter and even Elon Musk said people should use Signal 😁

jack dorsey uses signal

elon musk and edward snowden uses signal alternative to whatsapp

Signal App is available on both Android, IOS, iPad and Mac, Windows and Linux based Computers

2. Threema

threema messaging app alternative to whatsapp

Threema is consider as one of the best secure messaging platform, but it is not free like the signal and others.

Threema cost $2.99, the money is a one time licensing payment, you can easily pay it and download their app via their Store: https://shop.threema.ch/, this is applicable for people who don’t have access to Play store.

Threema doesn’t log anything anyway, and they also have end-to-end encryption like other WhatsApp alternatives, but it is used by few millions of people in the world, chances are most of your friends might not have heard about Threema.

Also Threema is an Open Source Software like Signal, you can find the source code of the app on Threema GitHub Page.

So we all can see the code that powers the app we are using and any issues of compromise that could happen, any security fixes, everything will be transparent.

You can Download Threema on both Android, iOS devices, Windows, MacOS, Linux and Open web client chats.

3. Wire

wire messaging app whatsapp alternative

Wire messaging app stands side-ways with other WhatsApp Alternatives we’ve been discussing, Even Edward Snowden(respected privacy advocate) said people should use Wire.edward uses signal whatsapp alternative

But after some years, there have been a lot of controversies about Wire not being a very strong privacy messaging app.

Wire have kept moving from being the users privacy focused platform to being the VC funding software.

wire in 2016
wire in 2016
2017 wire twitter
wire in 2017
wire secure messaging app
wire now

Transferring ownerships without prior notice to users and more, Wire do log some data but not as much as what WhatsApp does.

But that doesn’t mean they are safe to use.

Wire is now more of a corporate collaboration platform, though they still offer Wire personal.

Wire personal is open source, uses end-to-end encryption and it is completely free to use.

You can Download Wire on both Android, iOS devices, Windows, MacOS, Linux and Open web client chats.

4. Wickr Me

Wickr Me alternatives to whatsapp

Wickr Me is undisputable one of the most secured alternatives to WhatsApp, it was recommended by the 82nd Airbornes Task Force devil when they were deployed to the Middle East.

Imagine a messaging app used by elite military forces in a combat zone, so if the military can use this app for secure chat purpose then we civilians aren’t left out from using it.

You know what happens when Headquarter of military get compromised? They burn all communication letters and file, Wickr Me has that exact same features.

It can self-destroy all messages after the length of time specified is reached, so even if the best computer crackers or hacker break Wickr Me encryption they won’t find any message or useful information to use.

Wickr Me uses anonymous accounts and they don’t log any data unlike WhatsApp.

Have they been implicated in giving our data to intelligence agencies?

No, Wickr Me doesn’t have any records of this at all.

You can Download Wickr Me for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

5. Session

session messaging app

This is probably the first time you are hearing about this app, well, Session stands strongly in the list of secure messaging apps which are WhatsApp alternatives.

Session also uses a perfect secrecy at the end-to-end encryption layer like the other secure messaging apps.

Do they have any Surveillance program built into their app?

No 😁.

Session also does not log users data or any metadata and also their software are open source.

We all get to see the code that powers the app we use and we also get full transparency about the security of the app.

Session also have the self destruction message features like other secure messaging app we have listed, so even when things goes sideways i.e compromise, there will be no data or message for anyone to use.

You can Download Session for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Is Telegram still a privacy and secure messaging app?

Notice we didn’t list Telegram as part of the secure messaging app, even though Telegram is a very good alternative for WhatsApp.

But it is not a good secure/privacy based WhatsApp alternative.

That is why we didn’t list it here, because there have a lot of issues and gist around telegram not being a secure messaging app.

signal telegram messaging app

They store messages on their server (Ever notice that whenever you delete the telegram app and reinstall then sign in again, you will find messages of many months or years) also the ordinary messaging function doesn’t have the secure messaging encryption features.

The secure messaging encryption features only applies to their Secret Chats for private communication.

Conclusion on alternatives to WhatsApp in 2024

 “In digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous?” ― Al Gore

If you are tired of big tech taking your data freely? invading your online privacy without your consents, then it’s time to leave WhatsApp and get one of the alternatives we have listed

Download any of the WhatsApp alternative we have listed above, test them out, if you like any one of them, pick it and stick with it, then invite your friends to join you, if they are not there yet already.


  1. Be sure to take a closer look at the Utopia ecosystem, even if you haven’t heard anything. This is a revolutionary project that guarantees its users complete data protection. The messenger there is 100% anonymous.

  2. The utopia ecosystem includes all the best of the Internet, as well as complete privacy, because only you have access to chats.


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