SVScanner – Scanner Vulnerability And Massive Exploit is a tool for scanning and massive exploits, these tools target several open source cms.

This tool was Developed by RadenVodka (Eka S), all credit to him


  • Install Modules PHP : php-cli & php-curl for linux
  • PHP 7 (version and up)

Install SVScanner on Linux

  • git clone
  • cd SVScanner
  • php svscanner.php

Install SVScanner on Windows

  • Download XAMPP(PHP7)
  • Download SVScanner :
  • Now open it with your cmd and php svscanner.php

Install SVSanner on Termux

  • git clone
  • pkg install php
  • pkg install curl
  • curl -sS | php — –install-dir=/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin –filename=composer
  • composer
  • cd SVScanner
  • php svscanner.php

Also Here is a visual Tutorial below to see how it looks like on termux👇👇👇



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