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Everyone keeps asking the question about configuring socks5 proxy on Android and IOS devices, this set up can’t be configured for global traffic routing through proxy servers. But for iOS it can be configure through the Wi-Fi connection in iOS.

But today I will show you how you can configure your Android and iOS browsers for using socks5 proxy without having to root your device or download any app.

This configurations is applicable to Firefox browser, you can find it on Google Play Store or official website of Firefox.

Let’s Dive in;

1. Open your Firefox on your mobile device.

set up socks5 proxy on android 2. Go to Firefox Add-ons store and search for FoxyProxy Extension or download directly from here.

set up socks5 proxy on android iOS

setting up socks5 on android iOS 3. Download the FoxyProxy Extension, once its enabled, click on it to open up the FoxyProxy menu.

set up socks5 proxy android iOS

configure socks5 proxy on android iOS

4. Now in the FoxyProxy menu you will see an option named Settings, click on it, a new page will load up and you start the configurations.

foxyproxy setup for android iOS 5. Click on that Add button that you can see there, time to start the configuration.

  • Proxy name: (optional) You can enter anything.
  • Proxy Type: Select SOCKS5
  • Proxy Address or DNS name: Enter your IPVanish socks Address or server name
  • Port: 1080
  • Username: Your IPVanish socks5 proxy username
  • Password: Your IPVanish socks5 proxy password

7. You can always get your socks5 proxy credentials on your IPVanish account on the SOCKS5 Proxy tab, if you don’t have an IPVanish account, Grab one here.

Their SOCKS5 proxy plan are cheap as low as $4.99/month, once you subscribe to a VPN plan you get a SOCKS5 Proxy also.

8. Enable the button that’s adjacent to “Send DNS through SOCKS5 Proxy” and then click the Save button to save the credentials you’ve provided.

socks proxy android iOS

9. Make sure you change the “Turn Off (Use Firefox Settings)” to “SOCKS5” option.

proxy android iOS

configure socks5 proxy android iOS

10. Click on What’s My IP menu option, thats on the left side to confirm if the proxy is properly configured.

android iOS socks proxy set up

When you are done with the configuration, all your traffic will be sent through the configured socks5 proxy.

Also you need to understand that this proxy configuration is only active for browser.

So other applications, that connects to web directly won’t have their traffic sent through the configured socks5 proxy on your Firefox browser, thereby disclosing your real IP address.

But using ProxyDroid Applictaion, you can forward traffic from all applications on Android device, however ProxyDroid needs a root rights.

So i will advice folks to stick with browser set up for whatever purpose they are setting this SOCKS5 Proxy up for.

And for those who don’t know where they can get a SOCKS5 Proxy, you can always get it from NordVPN Socks, so far so good, IPVanish socks5 has been the best based on usage and privacy reports.

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