I will be sharing with you How you can get Instagram Followers Using Termux 2022 within some hours😉, No Code, No Server Configuration Tweaks, No Need To Buy Anything.

So Chill, This Post will help you increase your Followers with the help of terminal emulator called [ Termux ].

Guides To Increasing Your Instagram Followers Goes As Follows

1. Install Termux Application

Increase Instagram Followers with termux

  • Termux App Works On Android with version 5.0 and above.
  • Termux App can be downloaded from Google Play store Or F-Droid

2. Install Required Packages and Scripts

Increase Instagram Followers with termux

  • To install Packages, you will need some command to type on Termux Terminal.
  • You also have to take a good look and notice the installations well because errors occur at times

So let’s install the script called [Inshackle] developed by LinuxChoice which we are going to use for these tasks. Let’s enter the below commands on our terminal emulator screen 👇👇

  • apt update a&& apt upgrade (to update and upgrade your Termux App)
  • Now type
    pkg install git, pkg install wget, pkg install curl, pkg install openssl-tool.
  • Now open another Terminal and type git clone https://github.com/saintmalik/inshackle_v2
  • Once it is installed, type ls to list up all that is in your terminal, after that type cd inshackle then run it by typing bash inshackle.sh or ./inshackle.sh

As you can see in the picture above you can still do many things with inshackle scripts such as the following below👇👇

Increase Instagram Followers with termux

With the help of Instahackle, We can do the following things  :

[01] Unfollow Tracker
[02] Increase Followers
[03] Download Stories
[04] Download Saved Content
[05] Download Following List
[06] Download Followers List
[07] Download Profile Info
[08] Activate Unfollower

These are the things we can still Do with Inshackle script.

NOTE: This script won’t work for the first time of running it! After running the script for first time, do this,

Open celeb_id file using your preferred text editor e.g nano celeb_id and replace all ids with these one’s below…


For visual guides and better understanding, check out the this video👇👇

NB:- the git repository used in the below video is dead, so make use of the git repository in the tutorial instead 👉 https://github.com/anshu189/inshackle_v2 to install inshackle

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    • No, the original tool writer, deleted his github profile, But now its fixed, A copy of the tools is made and this article is updated

    • chances are you supplied wrong credentials, retry the process and carefully input correct login credentials, if the error persist, screenshot it and upload the image to imgur and share the imgur url in here

  1. Its working good , getting followers too but only till 10-15 mins , after that the code still says it is following celeb but in real when I refresh the insta profile the following and followers have stopped to change . PLEASE HELP . (idk maybe insta spots a bot)

    • Please try again, it seems to work well with other people, or check if your IG account has some security settings, and also please have in mind that IG restrict actions if they notice something suspicious on users account. so be clam and try with any other account

  2. Hey
    The inshackle tool is working perfectly on termux, but there’s no reflection of the same on IG. The number of followers has not changed. Please help.

  3. I wish I can share a screenshot… An error occurs at the very beginning of installation..
    Unable to locate package git,
    E: Unable to locate package pkg
    E: Unable to locate package install
    E: Unable to locate package wget,
    E: Unable to locate package pkg
    E: Unable to locate package install
    E: Unable to locate package curl,
    E: Unable to locate package pkg
    E: Unable to locate package instal

  4. But are there chances that this script can get our account banned or temporarily banned as we will be sending so many request from the same account or same ip address to insta server? what’s the way around here, pls explain.

  5. [+] Press Ctrl + C to stop
    [+] Trying to follow celebgram 12331195 …OK
    [+] Trying to follow celebgram 325734299 …OK
    what to do after

  6. Asking questions are truly fastidious thing if
    you are not understanding something completely, however this
    article provides good understanding even.


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