You might have probably come across alot of Facebook Account Hacking Tutorials and Guides or Tricks, but I promise you, this one is totally different.

I always get this following questions frequently from people:

  • Can you refer any reliable Facebook hacker?
  • Is there any online FB cracker tool?
  • How Can I Hack Facebook Account?
  • How To Hack Facebook Account Password Easily?
  • How can I hack someone’s Facebook account easily?

In this post I will show you the real ways & all the methods you can use to Hack Facebook Account Password easily.

To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing like tool for hacking Facebook. You won’t be able to find it anywhere.

However, you will find many websites claiming that they are providing free hack tool (either online or offline), but you cannot download the password file without completing a survey.

You would get nothing in the end. These things are posted only with the intention of making money. Don’t waste your precious time in searching such things

Don’t pay to any site or any one for Facebook hacking, don’t listen to their lies about accessing Facebook server or some other fucking shits.. please 🙏

If you want to hack anybody Facebook account, it totally depends on the level of awareness of that person about security. If he/she is aware of these tactics used by hackers then your success chances are pretty low..

But the good news here is that, we human are really vulnerable and don’t take our security online as something serious.

So that means there is 85% that you can get a person facebook account hacked.

If you follow these methods, I bet you, you gonna be a geek at hacking Facebook account, this is a step by step guide that will show you to hack Facebook accounts Live, Here we go:

How To Hack Facebook Account Password 2020

#1: Ss7 Exploit/Attack

If you don’t know what Ss7 Exploit is, here is a brief guide, Ss7 Exploit is the attack used to intercept messages and calls from any phone number from anywhere around the globe.

Hacking Facebook Account Using Ss7This attack got possible because almost all mobile device are vulnerable to Ss7 attack since around 2011 till date according to my research.

To hack a Facebook account password using ss7, you will need to get your victim Facebook account registered number.

This might probably be hard to get because most people do hide thier Facebook account number.

but you can get their phone numbers with the help of this two tool called OSIF and S-MBF, you can easily dump all your friends email and numbers used on thier facebook accounts,

It’s a free source tool, here is a guide to Install and Use OSIF to dump friends fb number/mail.
Likewise How To Install And Use S-MBF to dump friends Facebook Numbers.

now I believe that you have gotten your victim fb account registered number, now it’s time to bring in ss7 tool, and here is a guide on How to install ss7 tool on Linux.

So all you need to do now is request for a “Forgot Password” on your victim account, now waiting for the recovery sms to be sent to your victims, this is your chance.

Now you need to intercept the code which Facebook is going to send to your victim using the ss7 kit… and BOOM!!! Victim is Hacked!!!

Enter the codes in the password recovery area, where you are asked to give the code.. and finally enter your own new password for the account.

That’s all, For in-depth guide on this Facebook Account Hacking Method check How To Hack Facebook Account Using Ss7 Attack.

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#2: Social Engineering Attack

If you are a good researcher in the infoSec realm, you might have probably come across this method before, but you believe this method is not working right?? The reason is you are not doing it the right way🤷.

According to Wikipedia, Social Engineering is any act that influences a person to take an action that may or may not be in their best interests.

Or rather the act of manipulating the human psychological sense in other to get a person confidential details by exploiting the weakness in the person such as greed, passionate and many others.

To hack anyone Facebook account, you will need to install SEToolkit [Social Engineering Toolkit], it’s a free source tool and doesn’t requires root.

Here is the guide on How To install SEToolkit On Termux or GNUroot, for Kali Linux users/Backtrack… You probably know where to locate SET in Linux So
Here’s the Deal:

Create a Facebook mimic link or page, but here is a NOTICE:- there are other hacking script that can help you to create a perfect Facebook mimic page/link, so in the post I will be using the easiest way…

Such as SocialFish e.t.c, it’s automated, just pick the site you want to clone and the script will run some command and it generate you a link to send to your victim… And that’s so fast, and quick, what do you think??

SEToolkit is good but there are some quick scripts that can help too.. here is How to install SocialFish Both On Kali and Termux, also here is a video guide on how to use it👇👇

Now that SocialFish Scripts has generated a Facebook mimic page for us, what’s the next step🤔🤔…

The next thing you will do is calm down, study your victim, list those things he loves and those things he always go extra mile to get for his or herself.. note your victim interest first…

In Here my victim is an art student,he loves music,he gets his music list updated all time, he uses head mp player in most pictures he upload, so how do I approach him.. Here we go:

All I will do is, make more research on music and entertainment and feed my self with latest gist and misics around, then I start the approach.

social engineering attack circleAnd here below you will see how I will do it… the micmicked link page url is my localhost which is  but I edited the text of the url in the Gmail to display as 😂

Editing Permalinks Gmail I hope you can see what I did in the above image, so now I will save this and send it my victim, I know by now he will be eager to join the team to have fun and to also receive the fake token we will be  giving to sub-moderators every 24th 😂😋.

So when he click on the mimicked fb page link we sent to his mail,
It will load the mimicked page for him to login his details, to access our false RBGTeam_Hub😂😹😂.

he will definitely login his fb account details to proceed to the false group because we have played it all well from the start… That’s all, I have successfully grabbed a friend account details😙😙.

also you can use this Fast method by acting like a Facebook Product Service Guidians calling into the target and ask them for their login details so you can help them check on their account status and validity, you will be amazed at how people we hand over their details to you, if they see you as a Facebook staff, thats only if you act well, remember your victim is an human being not Sophia AI, so your victim is vulnerable.

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#3: Checking For Saved Password On Chrome

You know, nowadays we have lots of accounts online on different websites.

So it is kind of hard to remember all the passwords, especially if all of them are different. Modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox.

And they do give us an option to save passwords into the browser so that next time, it will be auto filled for us.

And you are planning on hacking your friend Facebook Account, then you don’t have to stress yourself, just tell him or her you wanna browse with his/her device for some seconds.

Remember:- Ask her for her password or phone pattern before you proceed, because to view the passwords, Chrome will request for Phone Owner pattern lock.

  • Now go-to Chrome
  • Click on Setting
    You see slot of Settings when you see password,
  • Click on it

Google Chrome Dark ModeAfter clicking on Password a page will open where you will see slot of passwords and username your friend have been using login many sites.

Now click on something like and Eye Button to see her Facebook Account Password if listed, it will request for Account owner passkey now, insert it, then.. You are good to go🤗.

 #4: Hacking Facebook Account using (RAT)

Remote Access Trojan(RAT) is a malware that infects an OS of a device, if a user carelessy download or visit a link that contains a trojan virus.

so when ever the victim clicks on the malware link or opens the trojan file, the hacker gets notified and he or she will have remote access to your device from anywhere in the world.

you wont notice any changes or anything being installed on your device at all, the hacker will have access to all your datas, including your facebook password.

Here are the popular software available for remote hacking attacks:

Plasma RAT is a powerful tool which is a client server based application, Plasma RAT allows you to mine crypto currencies, including litecoin and dogecoin, its designed to control a mass amount of computers at once.

Download PlasmaRAT 

WarZone RAT:
WarZone RAT is an advanced RAT, It’s capable of taking absolute control of victim’s machine with it’s great features. and has a nice GUI (Graphical User Interface) for users to control thier activities. It also has many features that gives user access remote computer as an admin.

Download WarZone RAT

Revenge RAT:
Revenge RAT is also a client server application. It’s a remote administration tool that helps you control other computer devices remotely with your own computer. It gives you the ability to establish connection and take over other computers with an easy to use User Interface with all the features you need to monitor them.

Download revenge RAT

CyberGate is also a powerful, fully configurable and stable RAT developed in Delphi and it still been updated and worked on, With cybergate you can log all the victim’s passwords and can also get the screen shots of thier computer’s screen.

Download CyberGate

#5: Using KeyStrokes Logger

Keylogger is a software programed to grab every keys typed on the keyboard, it saves all keys typed on a device.

So when you install a keylogger on anyone’s device it is won’t be a visible app. You have to press specific keys to get access to the saved keystrokes logs.

As soon as you install a keylogger on a device it automatically starts recording every key typed on the keyboard of the device.

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You can also set a keylogger to send you saved keystrokes report via email which is really cool.

So here is one keylogger app that you can use on an Android device. So here is what you have to do.

This method requires an app called ispytracker. This spy app comes with various features including a built-in keylogger.

When you install this app on the victim’s phone you can monitor all the keystrokes made on that phone. So once he/she Logs Into his/her Facebook account, you’ll get the password sooner or later.

But to try this method make sure you have the victim’s phone in your possession for a few moments.

1. Open the play store app on the victim phone and search for ispytracker.

Make sure the app you install looks like the one shown in the image below, Click on the Install button to download and install the app.

Keylloger ispytracker for hacking fb

2. Once you have the app ready, signup for a new account.

Ispytracker signup

I’ll advise you to make the account on your device first. This will allow you to easily login your details when you’ve installed the app on the victim phone.

This will save you time and will not raise any suspicion, When you sign up for the first time you’ll receive the registration code and your password in your email.

So check your email after signing up, Then use your username and password for logging into the account on the victim’s phone.

Ispytracker login

3. Then choose the device type on which you are installing the app. You are to install on Android, so choose Android.

4. Now simply choose the option that says “Yes. I will download the spy app directly on the device and install it.”

5. It will download the app ikeymonitor and install it on the device.

6. It will ask for your registration code. You can get that from the email that you have received when you signed up.

7. So Now the app is successfully activated and you can monitor not only the keystrokes but also many other things.

8. You can check all the things either from the app itself or the web view.

You can click on the keyStrokes in the app itself to see all the logged keystrokes which were saved after installing this app.

And dude that’s all… Keep on checking your apk or the web version of the app for the keystrokes cause he or she will surely login on Facebook soon…

#6: Hacking Using WiFi Network

Do you know you can hack Facebook account password using WiFi/hotspot networks🤗🤗

And to do carry out this operation, you need Wireshark, For Termux users here is How to install Wireshark in Termux, For Linux Users here is How to install Wireshark on Kali Linux.


All you need is just read the this guide, How To Hack Facebook Account Using Wireshark,

this guides will help you master how to hack Facebook account using Wireshark.

#7: Email ID Hacking

This method is pretty good to use only if your victim attached an email to his or her facebook account.

All you just need is to access the connected email id of any Facebook account and can manually reset the Facebook password, that’s all.

By now you should be master of yourself in Facebook Hacking… Stay Updated Cause I will be adding more new steps you haven’t come across before😉😉.

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  1. You don't have to pay anyone because you wanna hack an fb Id account.. the sucesss of hacking an fb account depends on you and how more tricky you are than your victim.. remember your victim is also as smart as you do, so read this tutorial carefully, but if you still think you need hands in the task.. hook me up.. I would try my best to help you

  2. helo, I have gown through your blog, really interesting, but without getting the victim intension, like sending without forgot password to their link, can I hack it. Please help me


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