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Today I will be teaching you How to hack Facebook accounts using sigmo impulse..where you will make use of ss7 tools, ss7 Attack.

You all know Facebook hacking is in very high demands these days, when it is time for virtual identity on the web, some living 2 lives.

One physical and therefore the alternative virtual, and this virtual living has confiscated some people’s lives i.e they create New Friends, New Colleges And Relationship, all find their way in one way or the other.

All Secrets, Personal Data and necessary data square measure been fastened away on the servers of Facebook.

All this data’s in which if you have access to, you can know how people feel about you.

Who and who really trust you, reading and looking into the life of your girlfriend, your friends, also parents would be able to monitor their children’s activities.

Facebook hacking uncovers a lot of secrets and truths but hacking a Facebook account is not an easy task.

There are millions of people looking into Facebook hacking but only a few exploits are available for successful Facebook Hacking.
SS7 hacking tutorialFor a person who doesn’t know much about tech & the world of IT, Ethical Hacking will always seem to be something tricky and magical to them, lol.

Hacking is not as easy as it is shown in movies, and hiring a hacker can cause a loss of thousands of dollars which some would rather Consider Scam.

That’s why we at SMTECHUB have taken our time over years to examine facebook hacking and has come up with a new method called  Zero Cogitation or (Sigmo Impulse) which has been used and tested and has been used to hack over 150 Facebook users now, I will cover everything you need to know about Sigmo Impulse, Don’t be in a hurry🤗🤗. 

What’s Zero Cogitation or Sigmo Impulse?

This method is a method which doesn’t require any Social Engineering Skill, Keyloggers, Phishing Links, Fake Facebook Login, nor Cookies Hijacking and so on.
All what SIGMO IMPULES means is the act of fooling the service providers I.e Attackers who is the Hacker(You) will have to trick the service providers into believing that he has the same device with his/her victims, That means you will be claiming your victim identity😋😋😆.
So what do you need for this exploit??
  1. Facebook Victim Registered Number
  2. Ss7 Tool(Safe Seven Tool)
Method 1# Many will actually be having a problem getting their victim Facebook account number, yeah, I know.
This is because many Facebook users set their phone number privacy to “Only Me” which block away friends from having access to the phone number.

Do not panic getting victims Facebook account phone number is not a problem nor forgetting anybody facebook user phone digits either is, We can get this using the script Called OSIF developed by Debby Anggraini.
For the procedure on how to install OSIF on Either Kali Linux, Termux, GnuRoot or any on terminal Check How To Install OSIF tool On Termux, Kali Linux Or GnuRoot

Method 2# Now its time for you to be serious, which is the Ss7 tool part, this tools is important because this is what you will need to use in manipulating the service providers of your victim facebook number you have successfully grabbed with Method one above…

SS7 attack sigmo impulse

For The Step By Steps guides on how to install ss7 Tool on Linux Check  SS7 Full Installation Guide For Linux Users for the ss7 tool installation guides, but there are several ss7 tools.. if you at all know of any other, you can hit us up @ to share it with us…

So have you successfully Install ss7, then you are done.. in the installation guides,I gave all that you will need to intercepter the network of your victim.

Take note:- This method is not meant for only Hacking Facebook accounts alone, it can be applied in some various hacking activities

For better Understanding On How to grab facebook users number check the video below.


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  1. I have uploaded a tutorial on installating the tool on Linux… Check on the Hacking Tools category, you will find it… Sigploit.. thanks for visiting…

  2. I have uploaded a tutorial on installating the tool on Linux… Check on the Hacking Tools category, you will find it… Sigploit.. thanks for visiting…

  3. I have put up a tutorial on how to install the tool on Linux,,, check through the Hacking Tools category, you will find It there.. Sigploit


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