evilapp githubWarning: EvilApp was made for educational purposes only!

EvilApp is a phishing tool that can bypass 2-Factor Authentication, using the original URL.

How do EvilApp works?

It’s an Android App that can extract cookies and send them to the attacker, using original URL.

EvilApp can detect authenticated Instagram sessions automatically, but in theory, any website can be used by simply inserting the hijacked cookies into your browser. (There are several extensions to do this)

Note:- The Tool Doesn’t Work On Termux, you can run it on nethunter,it will work.

How to install EvilApp

  • git clone https://github.com/saintmalik/EvilApp
  • cd EvilApp/
  • bash install.sh
  • bash evilapp.sh

Enjoy it!
Download EvilApp



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