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Aren’t you tired of getting your Admob Account banned all time? Do you want to learn how to click on your own Admob ads without getting caught? Do you want to know the clicking trick that works? Do you need an AdMob app or Admob for Web? If yes, then here is a solution 🤗.

This Admob Self Clicking Method is totally different from all the ones most people are spraying up and down.

In this guide, all you need is a Blogspot website, the loading kit and a good VPN

Lets Dive in.

What is AdMob?

Before we dig into a big discussion on how to earn from AdMob Self clicking, it is necessary that we know what AdMob is all about, who owns it and how it operates.

Short History of AdMob

AdMob is a mobile advertising company founded by Omar Hamoui on April 10, 2006, when he was still in school. The company has its headquarter in Mountain View California. It was acquired by Google for $750 million in November 2009.
AdMob is currently being managed and run by Google and it is now used together with Adsense.

Admob is confirmed to be one of the largest mobile advertising networks in the World. The company serves more than 40 Billion mobile ads per month.

Admob is trusted by a lot of advertisers due to their high inventory security, though the trick I will share with you has proved there are still loopholes because many developers are now making over $100 per day just by clicking their own ads and the Google robots have been unable to detect them… So cool.

How does AdMob works?

Here, I will show you how Admob works.

Admob is used on Android and iOS apps. It allows app developers to monetize their apps by displaying in-app ads from advertisers, but do you still know AdMob can be used on a website?

Types of Ads that can be Shown on Admob

We only have two types of Ads that can be shown in AdMob.

  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads

App Developers can choose which format of ads that they want to be displayed on their apps.

As a developer, all you need to do is to create an app, log in to Admob and create an Admob account. Once you are done creating an account, you will see an option to add your app to Admob. Click on the app’s icon, from there enter the name of your App and create ad units for the app.

It is not even necessary that you create an app before taking the above steps because Google does not check whether the app exists or not. They can only check it if you have published your app on Google Playstore ASAP.

So it is possible for anyone to create an approved Admob account even without having a single app or a single knowledge of what app development is at all. This has enabled some smart people to create different Admob accounts for self-clicking Lol.

That is not all, there are so many reasons why Google has been unable and will never be able to detect the Admob self-clicking tricks else they permanently close Admob. You will learn all the tricks in this article, so keep reading.

How much does Admob Pay per A Click?

Now that you are on the journey to making money from Admob self-clicking, an important thing you should know is the amount Admob pays per click so that you can calculate the feasibility and profitability of this business idea.

Admob is powered by Google and the ads they serve are targeted by country; different adverts are shown to individuals living in different countries and as such different amounts of money are paid per click from different countries.

Countries like Nigeria and India have a very low cost per click but there is nothing worry about if you are from any of these countries with low CPC the trick I will show you will also help you to overcome that.

In the US and UK, cost per click varies from 1 US dollar to 5 USD depending on the adverts you clicked. So if you convert that to Naira, it will give you like N350 to N1500 per click. As you can see, this is cool, so keep reading to learn how you can make money from Admob.

How Do You Handle Google Banning Accounts?

Clicking on your own ads is against Google TOC as such if they detect invalid activities on your account, they will ban the account but the tricks you will learn from this tutorial covers all the glitches that may prompt Google to ban your account.

What is Admob Payment mode, Minimum Payout and can I be paid into my Bank Account?

This is also a crucial thing you need to know because there are so many legit online businesses but their payment modes are usually not favourable or accessible to our Nigerians it some other countries.

But don’t worry Admob is not like those online businesses. Google has been in existence for many years now and they cover almost every country.

If you sign up for AdMob as a Nigerian, you will be paid to your Nigerian bank account. Google pays 21st of every month and minimum payout is $100.

Step By Step Guide To Create an Admob Account

Here is how to create an Admob account for the self-clicking purpose.

  • To create an Admob account, you must have a registered Gmail account, though I recommend that you create a new Gmail account for Admob self clicking.
  • The only thing you need to create a new Gmail account is a phone number that has not been used for any Gmail account.
  • Enter this address on your browser like this:
  • You will be asked to sign in to your Google account to continue with Admob or create a new Google account. Depending on your choice but I recommend that you create a new Google account for this. Click on create a new Google account and follow up all other prompts.
  • Once you are done creating the account, you will be redirected again to the AdMob sign up page, from there you can continue with the Admob account creation click on the App icon to add an app to your account. From there, click on create an Ad unit, select banner and interstitial adverts. Copy out the ID of each ad unit you created.
  • Move to the payment option and update your name and payment address.
  • That’s all for Admob account. Now we will be moving to the App creation and the AdMob Self Clicking Kit so don’t get tired yet.

Also remember, the Admob Self Clicking Kit is a must-have if you don’t want to get banned probably at the time you are about to smile to the bank.

Creating a Blogspot For Admob Self Clicking

Step #1: Go to and create an account. If you don’t have an account before.

Step #2: Create a new website and name it anything, give it any URL (its a personal website and not a website that’s meant for the public, so you don’t have to give fancy names).

Once you’ve created your website successfully, then lets move to the configuration part, which is the main part

Placing your AdMob Banner Ads On your Blogspot Site

NB:- The codes we will be using in this guide can be found here @ Pastebin

Sounds crazy huh? But yes it can be done. You can display those Admob ads on a website.

But remember Admob ads are Mobile App Ads. we are just here to tweak them to work on websites. so it means Ads will only show on this website when visited from a mobile phone.

But If you visit the Website with a laptop or system. Ads won’t show. Hope you grab that.

Now go to your AdMob account and create four banner Ads code. Also, get your AdMob publisher account ready.

So what do you have ready now?

  • Your Publisher ID
  • 4 Banner Ads code

If you have the above read. Then Let’s move to the configuration part. For the non-techies don’t panic. It’s not something hard to do.

Here I will create 4 ads codes that will be placed on our website.


Let me explain the above code now, within the first <script> tags

we have var pubid =“”

You see the pubid =“9068xxxxxx” is the Admob publisher ID. These means you will change it with your own AdMob Publisher ID just swap the 9068xxxxx with your own publisher ID.

The var s1 =“9823xxxxx” is our 1st Banner ads ID. So now just replace this with your first banner id code.

Chill, this is it, Here is my first banner code BANNER 1 ID: ca-app-pub-9068028977378800/9823666628, now all I will copy from this banner id is the “9823666628″.

I hope you’ve gotten it now? If yes then let’s move forward


Just the way we replaced the pubid and s1, but this time. the s1 here will be replaced with your second banner ads ID.


Repeat the process of ADS2. just replace the pubid with your Admob publisher ID and s1 with your third Banner ads ID.


Repeat the process of ADS2. just replace the pubid with your Admob publisher ID and s1 with your third Banner ads ID.

You can find all the codes used in the screenshots above here at Pastebin. I shared it there.

Its time to pay a visit back to our non-fancy Blogspot to put our crafted ads code.

But before we place our crafted ads code. we have to put in some codes in our Blogspot themes.

Copy the above code which I shared via Pastebin and put it in your Blogspot theme within the <head></head>tag.

Follow the below screenshots to have a good insight of where to paste it.

If you are done with it. Congrats. There is still one more process we are going to take. Which is how the Themes will be displayed.

Yours might be set automatically but it will be okay. If we recheck so as to avoid the headache of error. When you don’t see things going well.

Below is the screenshot to follow to get this done.

Now its time to place our ads code which we’ve crafted from the start.

Step #1: Move to the Layout Section On your Blogspot dashboard

Step #2: Now click the Add Gadget Button

Step #3: Scroll till you see HTML/JavaScript Button

Step #4: Click the + button beside it and a new window will open like below

Enter the title: ADS1

And paste your ADS1 code in the content box. Just like the below screenshot.

When you are done. Save it and repeat the step for ADS2, ADS3, ADS4

When you are done. Visit your website. If everything is done well. Your ads will start showing.

well, we are just done with the First Stage to our Admob self clicking scheme.

Setting up Admob Self Clicking Kit

There are two ways of going around this.

If you really want to earn for a long time without getting banned. Then Listen carefully

You want to do self clicking which means you will be clicking on these ads yourself. But how will you do this so google won’t know you are the one clicking?

The answers have been the use of a VPN. Which changes your Device IP address and also change your location. So Google sees the click coming from different IPs and different Countries.

But you know why you’ve been getting banned all this while?

Its because you don’t understand the basics behind this. Instead, you just jump straight into it and wanna earn $100 in a week. Huh, stop this.

Google has much data to analyse things. and they will kick you out of their network. They hate self clickers.

You see all those VPNs you’ve been using are the one causing your problem. Starting from HMA, Windscribe, Zenmate(The worst), PureVPN, and more other VPNs like that.

So which VPN can do this Job?

Here comes the saver!! NordVPN, NordVPN VPN has been the most promising and the strongest VPN providers, also they Provide WebRTC Leak Protection and DNS leak protection which is a follow come feature of their VPN plan.

Whats this WebRTC Leak or DNS Leak Protection? This leaks are mostly the things that expose the REAL you, when you making the clicks.

But with NordVPN providing a protection, you have nothing to worry about again, just keep loading your clicks, also there is nothing like IP address getting blacklisted.

Imagine, thats a bonus for their users, that’s a COMBO VPN Feature.

But for those who are ready to go with NordVPN for their self clicking!!!.

There is a problem you would need to solve, and the problem is WebRTC.

SelfClickers, this WebRTC guy will leak all the identity you are using VPN to cover, lol. This guy is like

“Keep Clicking HuH, I have just shared your real Identity with Google. Untrained Self Clicker “

But how can we kick out this Wicked dude called WebRTC? Here comes Firefox and Chrome Extensions called “Disable WebRTC” on Firefox and “WebRTC Control” on Chrome. Once you turn this ON. WebRTC will be locked out.

You’ve defeated another Enemy against your Admob Account.

But wait. We’ve got one more enemy.

The Last Enemy of your Admob Account is yourself, Wondering How? It’s your greediness.

You joined Admob today and you want to earn $100 to $500 in a week with self click, HUH, Fear God Nah. You don’t have an app published on Playstore.

Your app doesn’t exist then where could this huge traffic of clicks come from? Or is it that your app main usefulness is ClickAPP, where users just download and start clicking.

You too, think about it. Those clicks will be suspected and the Bots that will check to see if those clicks are legit have been programmed to strictly kick out self clickers account.

So don’t rush, see it as a side hustle, don’t rush things, slow and steady wins all time. Rushing also wins too but they don’t last.

That’s all about the clicking section, let’s talk about loading impressions to the ads.

Admob Self Click Kit For Loading Impression and Clicks

This brings us the main Admob Kit, you can download it here. It’s a Windows Application. So what this tool does is that. The Miniactivatorsetup.exe is the Software that generates the Unique ID/Password for the mini2020setup.exe.

When you open the mini2020setup.exe, it will ask for a passkey. use the passkey you generated from Miniactivatorsetup.exe.

Once you have access to the software. you will find the space to enter your Blogspot URL and hit the enter button, leave all settings as default.

NOTE:- this only works with Firefox Browser 58. You can download it here. it’s only for windows users.

Once you’ve entered the URL and hit enter. The Kit has Tons of Different IPs which will load impression on your Blogspot ads on your website and once in awhile you click on the ads.

That’s all for about AdMob self clicking, if there are new methods in the future, surely I will update this guide again.

If you’ve got something useful out of this guide, then show some love by hitting the share button.

And If you notice this post falls under uncategorised posts. It’s because at the time of publishing this guide at first. I was a blind Blogger.

So this article is not that close to my niche. But since I rank for it. Then I felt like updating it instead of deleting it.

But if you would like to receive updates of Web application Security, Pentesting, WebDev, Online Privacy and Cyber Security you can subscribe to my blog here.

Peace out.
Stay Safe Self Clickers.


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