Web Application Penetration Testing for Ethical Hacking


You want to learn web application penetration testing freely from beginners to advanced?? Then you are up with the right post.
Here we go:

A penetration test is an authorized attack on a web app or computer system, mainly done to check and evaluate the security of a web app or systems.

So if you are planning on getting somethings to learn either in Cyber Security or Ethical Hacking, this course is really for you😉.

This course covers;

  • XSS (Reflected, Stored & DOM)
  • Discovering XSS
  • Exploiting XSS
  • Cookies Collection
  • Packets
  • HTTP Basics
  • SQL Injection
  • Spidering
  • Discovering SQLI
  • Exploiting SQLI
  • Why Sites Get Hacked
  • LFI & RFI
  • Reports Creation

Learn and Practice😍😍

Here are the videos of the videos of the course on cybrary(4.25hours)