Staying Safe Online – Best Internet Safety Tips

In order for we all to make this giant internet a safe and secure place, we got to be always aware of the threats.

so in this article I will be sharing with you my personal steps and some experts security checklist/Online Safety Tips to greatly increase your online security.


The rate at which this questions his been asked everyday has risen 👇👇👇

“How To Be Safe On Social Media??”
“How To Keep Your Internet Safe??”
“Things That Can Be Done To Stay Safe Online??”

And more others like that, but you know what?? at the end of this article, you should be a geek in prrotecting yourself online without paying any dime or stressing yourself.

Here we go:

Internet Safety Tips For Everyone

1. Password Protection: This aspect can’t be mentioned less. some experts will say changing your password weekly is good idea, but in this giant tech where we put a lot of things up in our head, chances of remembering our newly changed password is 90%🤗… moreover we have many lazy geeks😀.

So what’s the solution?? The solution is use a unique password, a unique and strong password is the right solution to apply here.

Because your password is the barrier that an hacker have to bypass before getting to your accounts, then let’s give ’em a work😂, nothing is easy to get in this life, so how to do you make a strong and unique password.

Making a unique password is picking something that are not within your area, your name, your household, your community, your Nick, your favorite song, just don’t pick anything from your surroundings.

pick something that sounds crazy, meaningless, something that has no root, e.g [email protected][email protected]$#, blimphung&$&, just pick something useless that a mere normal guys won’t even think about it😂.

Now to make a strong password, you have to combine both uppercase, lowercase, symbols, numbers in your password e.g HuFFgensHuH67/@#/#/

That’s all about that,,, I will advice against using password managers or writing down password in a note.

And lastly make use of Two-Factor Authentications, and you are good to go.

2. Data/Information Protection: now you have covered password Protection, is that okay, obviously NO, what about the data/information thieves🤦.

Now let’s start by reviewing your Facebook Profile, speaking of Facebook, this is the best resources for social event, because Facebook gives you the option to fill in where you live,your families,your full name, your age.

Even if you consider your self an internet expert and you fell like you getting hang of it, bro/sis don’t be fooled, there are many fake accounts, links, advertisement and websites which claims to the real and trusted.

It’s also very important that getting phished or scammed is easy and the most common means hackers use to exploit victims. The only safe sites are sites with https:// and a green padlock, that’s been said, take note of that.

3. Installing Software Updates: If you are a security expert and you don’t do this, I will advice to start this because any updates of a software that’s been released,

There is always a fix to some few things be it bugs, UX/UI and many other things, so I will even advice you turn up auto Updates which is the best, so guys always update the software you using if any updates is released.

4. Backing Up Your Database: This is something I will suggest for everyone, because not all of us will be satisfied with doing all the above mentioned steps but having a backup of your system is something really easy and cool, when ever an attack is been done.

You just re upload your backup, you won’t loss any files either, it’s just like the hacker haven’t done any damages… Lol but re starting is a stress 🤦.

With all this above steps I hope your security should not be an easy gateway for hackers to play with anyhow, so keep calm and stay safe online🤗