NSA releases Ghidra 9.0 – A Powerful Cyber Security & Free Reverse Engineering Tool


The US National Security Agency(NSA) develops and release an advanced hacking tools called Ghidra v9.0 for free, for both the offensive and defensive purpose.

It is a software reverse engineering tool which is been used by the agency experts for over a decades to hunt down security bugs in application and softwares.

GHIDRA is a Java-based reverse engineering framework that supports a graphical user interface (GUI) and has been designed to run on a variety of platforms including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Reverse engineering a method of disassembling softwares, i.e. converting binary instructions into assembly code when its source code is unavailable.

Helping software engineers, especially malware analysts, to understand the functionality of the code and actual design and implementation information.

Download GHIDRA – The Reverse Engineering Tool

Download Ghidra 9.0 – Software Packages, exercise, and slides.

Installation Guide – The Usage Documentation.

Cheat Sheet – Keyboard Shortcuts.

Issue Tracker – To report bugs.

The NSA CyberSecurity advisor Rob Joyce also said GHIDRA has all features expected in high-end commercial tools, with new expanded functionality that NSA uniquely developed, also it can be runned in both user-interactive and automated modes.

Here is a GHIDRA Tutorial.