Top 8 Ways to Avoid Being Hacked 2019 and Beyond

Technically, everything that connects to the Internet can get hacked, But have you ever ask yourself the following questions;

  1. How to secure your computers from hackers
  2. How to protect against hackers
  3. Best ways to prevent hackings 

Sure there are several things you can do to protect yourself and your data from an attack. 


These following 8 tips will not only help you combat hackers alone, it will also prevent you from being hacked on Facebook,Instagram likewise other social media accounts, infiltration of your  laptops, networks.

Best Way To Protect Yourself From Being Hacked.

  • Be wary of the cloud.
Here is a good rule of thumb, if you don’t want people to access your infroinform, don’t share it. This includes your cloud storage.

No matter how secure a platform says it is, you ought to keep in mind that you are giving it out to someone else to watch over it…

  • Check links Locations/Destinations.
If you see some Unknown messages that contains an unknown links to an unknown sites, surfing or visiting mysterious websites like this can bring about unintended consequences,
because it could be a clone or mimic of a site you know and trust which will make you fall prey into a Phishing Scam, or rather an unsecure,site infected with malwares.

prevent-hackingIf you are unsure or suspicious of short links or any other links, you can use site like URL REAVEALER to help get destination of short links or any link.

  • Be suspicious of emails.
Most of the Cyber Attacks are launched through simple malicious email campaigns, Email has been a well wonderful messaging platform,
because it’s easy to send huge, bulk files and many other more info to anyone around the world so far they has a Gmail account,but it can also lead to a huge security risk,
let’s take Phishing for example, attackers can send victim innocuous/convincing email which lead them to a fake websites asking them to update thier personal information and that’s it you get hacked because you have just submitted your details to an untrusted site.
  • Never Open Attachment (or else you are really sure of them).
Best guide and practice to follow is you not opening any attachments or else you are over sure i.e 150% sure of  where they came from,
because one of the easiest way for hackers to download malicious code into a victim device or system is by sending emails with virus-laden files.
  • Use Unique,Secure, Advanced Passwords.
Many people do overlook this aspect, a strong password are passwords that includes lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, numbers and gibberish,

dont make your password a personal reference or a close reference password and don’t store your password in a list,
I will advice against that and most importantly don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.

  • Use Two-Factor Authentication.
As you also know that this big industries and platform we are using always get breached and the likelihood that your password is amidst the leaked data’s are 90%,
So set Two-Factor Authentication Protection for all your accounts, because once an hacker have access to a passwords, they will try to figure out which personal account can they access using this details they have.
  • Don’t share personal data While On public WiFi.
Are you thinking of checking your bank account balance or are you trying to make any online purchase while on public wifi networks?
You may want to this but before doing it, why don’t you think of it twice.
because you don’t have idea of how secure the connection is.

public-wifiSecurity researcher has shown that there are vulnerabilities which makes wifi networks easy for attacks, so Beware what and what you do on public WiFi, infact I will advice you don’t use them.

  • Install Antivirus & Firewalls Anywhere you can.
Yeah, make sure you install antivirus around your systems to get a strong control over your system so whenever attack is launched,
your firewalls and antivirus will always be there for you, notify you of things that are not appropriate. I will advice you go for NextGen Antivirus e.g Kaspersky…
Here is a bonus Tip:
Whenever you are not using your device or whenever you are about to sleep the best thing to do is turn off your network cellular data, or rather switch off the device, it’s a better chance to reduce remote cyber attack when you are not there or available…

If you put all the above tips into practice,then you surely going to be safe from getting hacked, be it social media accounts or any other aspects of your details that is online.
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