How hackers look like and what they think??

hackerYou have been finding it difficult to identity hackers.. here are tips for you.

Self-educated hackers are more respected in the hacker’s community because that person is really interested in hacking and he passed alot of things that are not taught in schools and colleges.

The most common things hackers do is computers,elect elect engineering,physics,math, linguistics,computer science.

However,like every developers aiint an hacker,hackers too don’t always have the skill of programming,but some of them do have tho🙈.

Clothing Styles: hackers dress’s simply,casually i.e Jean,T-shirts and shoes, today there are now T-shirts of  penguin (ttademtra Linux ) or daemon (BSD),but a small numbers of hacker prefers hiking boots.

They prefer wearing black clothes,hackers care about comforts and ease of maintenance of clothes,they hate business suits.

Hackers prefer cats than dogs(It is widely believed that cats have the hacker nature).All Hackers have terrible handwriting!!

Activities and Sport: The large number of hackers are generally not engaged in physical activities, among those who practice them, interest in sports is not big,avoid team sports.

But Hackers sports are always individual, including comcentration and ability: cycling,skating,auto racing,hiking,sliding and sailing
And hobbies hackers do are widespread,mostly they like science fictions, music,chess,war games and all intellectual games of all types, logical puzzles and other games that are related to hacking
They hate lies, incompetence and boredom
Most Hackers do no use cigarettes and alcohol, and they don’t use drugs to avoid brain damages
Most hackers use coffees,sugar or soda to stay awake all night during hacking.