How can I track a phone using Copy 9 App

Today I will be sharing with you a tool/app called [Copy9 app] which makes tracking and spying easy on any targeted android device… Here’s the deal:

What is Copy9 App?

Copy 9 is kind of mobile tracking app that performs two function at a time;
1) Phone Tracking
2) As A Spying App
All this two functions embedded into one app to help give you the best,many phone tracker app will not do much of this for you. The good news here again is that Copy9 app is available for both Android and IOS device, and it works for android version 2.2 upward.

How to track a phone using Copy9

Features Of Copy 9 Phone Tracking and Spying App:

  • You will be able to check your phone books and all contact in it.
  • You can be able to see all your text messages,both inbox,sent one’s and the received messages and the time they were sent.
  • If you happen to be a premium user you will be able to get full access to most of the features like Facebook chats,WhatsApp Chats,Snapchat and even Viber (when rooted)
  • You will also be able to see call logs,both received calls,missed calls,dialed numbers of your target phone.
  • Full access to media files such as videos , Pictures,music and many other media files but only when you are a premium users.
  • Copy 9 as a tracker app has incorporate a GPS tracking where you will be able to track your android phone where ever you have misplaced it or been stolen.

Tracking A Phone/Lost Phone Using Copy 9

I know it is not really easy losing a phone or misplacing a phone, especially if you are the Social Media type or the type that stores info on phone rather than anywhere else, and the first thing that comes into everybody’s mind is “how can I track my mobile phone!” You and I know that, and loosing a phone can make you weak that’s for sure, and now adays with the economic situation, getting a new smartphone is not that really cheap or easy.
I was also a victim of stolen device,mine wasn’t even misplaced,it was removed from my pockets and during those days, I only know of little means… Like;



  1. Tracking Of Lost Device Using IP addresses
  2. Tracking Of Lost Device Using IMEI
  3. Tracking Of Lost Device Using Google
  4. Tracking Using TeamViewer

If you keep on visiting,I would be dropping step by step guides on this methods soon,Stay Tuned!. Now:
Copy 9 app has a GPS location functionality which enables you to track the location of your phone which will be shown on a map while you are online through the account you created during registration, using any mobile phone that has internet connection.


so whenever you misplace or lose your phone just login to your copy9 account using laptop,PC or any device that has internet connection, you will see where your device is on a map,then to recover it,you will need the help of police,


but if in any case you couldn’t recover your phone,you can just make use of the preopre features and track your lost device browser details and also wipe all your data’s from the phone.
Copy9 as a spying app, these is where many features come in,many people want to spy on their lovers, friends and family ,most especially in relationships, patners tends to spy on each other due to the absence of trust,but at some points it’s hard to confirm your fears.
but with copy9 as your spying app you can get answers to your unanswered questions,copy9 acts as your spy on patners phone,with this you will get your answers without stress and fast.

Now… you know how you will track and spy using Copy9, lets now move to how to set up copy9 on your device or Target device. Here we Go:well-done

How to use Copy9 to track a lost phone or as a SPY app

  1. Simply Download the Copy9 App via  ApkMonk,Google Play Store.
  2. Allow your phone to install third party app by going to settings»security»unkown source 
  3. Then Install it on your target Phone, either your spouse phone,your phone or your friends phone.
  4. Now give Copy9 administration right
Lastly sign in with your email address and set the Password and there you Go! With the Copy9 app on your target phone,you can now go online and login to your Copy9 account @ Copy9 and monitor and track the target device especially when it is lost.
You are done now but not finally, you wouldn’t want your target to notice any suspicious activity on his/her device, so to hide the Copy9 app from the app launcher just go to the phone dialer and dial #5555* then press the call button. Copy9 will disappear from the phone menus/apps and app listing, and why I still love Copy9 is that they have some free feature🤗😋.
I think you have gained something worthy of holding onto today😉, so please don’t hesitate to share this content to friends and family, if you don’t understand anything,feel free to comment below👇


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