See How To Use Hammer Tools To Perform A Ddos Attack

hammer-for-ddos-attackGood day Hackers/Pentesters,Termux Users & Android Hackers… Today I will Be showing you how to Install HAMMER on Termux, Kali Linux, GnuRoot and other Linux distribution …

Hammer Is a simple and powerfull python script that enables you to perform strong DDOS ATTACK on any website.. The Tool Is for ddos of websites… And This Script Was developed By Can Yalsin

What Can I Do With Hammer ??
It’s for performing a strong ddos on Website only!!

Now Download Hammer From GitHub Using The Below Commands👇👇👇
  • git clone
  • cd hammer
  • chmod +x *
  • python -h
Now finally You can start your Ddos attack…
That’s All… Happy Hacking …Happy Pentesting!!!..  Remember This Only For Educational Purpose… 👌👌


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