Hacking Secrets Exposed: A Beginner’s Guide by Srikanth Ramesh

Want to Learn Hacking… But Don’t Know Where to Start..?

If so, this book is specially designed for you. The disclosure of hacking secrets is an easy-to-follow, complete curriculum on moral hacking that takes readers from the basics to some advanced advanced concepts.

The book begins with fundamental concepts like footprints, scanning, network renaissance, OS fingerprinting etc. and high level concepts like advance Password cracking, windows hacking, network snifting, wireless hacking, steganography, dos, xss, sql injection, buffer overflow, session hijacking, email hacking and more.

hacking-secret-exposedCurrently most popular books available in the market are suitable only for those who have adequate background knowledge in the field. Also, these books can be very much in theoretical part and use a lot of technical vocabulary, which makes it difficult for the early people to follow and to understand.

However, this book will take you through the concepts of computer
hacking in a very simple and easy to follow manner so that even the readers with no prior knowledge of havking should be able to easily understand the concept.

To get started, you only have a small knowledge of computers, operating systems (Windows) and Internet connection. Each subject in the book is presented in a very simple way, including bullet points, illustrations and practical examples. Some of the highlighting features of the book are:

  • Learn Hacking from the Basics.
  • Extremely Easy to Follow.
  • No Prior Knowledge of Hacking is Required.
  • Get Latest Hacking Techniques and Practical Examples.
So, if you are a beginner with a little or no prior background of hacking but looking to take off, Hacking Secrets Exposed is for you! We promise that you will never be disappointed by opting for this book.
Now to read this book below just swipe on the picture below…. Enjoy your stay while reading….


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