Facebook Account Hacking 2019 [Updated Methods]

You might have probably come across alot of Facebook Account Hacking Tutorials and Guides or Tricks, But I bet you, this one is totally different. Nofacebook-account-hacking-2019

To Hack facebook account is really simple as ABC,after reading this tutorial,I think you will stop asking the Question;

  1.  How Can I Hack Facebook Account?
  2.  How To Hack Facebook Account Password Easily?

So today I will uncover the methods you can use to Hack Facebook Account Password easily 2019. You don’t have to hire/pay anyone for Facebook Hacking Service anymore. Here we go:

How To Hack Facebook Account Password 2019

  • Ss7 Exploit/Attack.
To hack a Facebook account password using ss7, you will need to get your victim Facebook account registered number.
this might probably be hard to get because most people do hide thier Facebook account number.


but with a tool called OSIF you can easily dump all your friends email and numbers, it’s a free source tool, here is a guide to Install and Use OSIF to dump friends fb number and mail.

now that you have gotten your victim fb account registered number, now it’s time to bring in ss7 tool, here is a guide on How to install ss7 tool on Linux.

So all you need to do now is request for a “Forgot Password” on your victim account,then intercept the code which Facebook is going to send to your victim…

Enter the codes in the password recovery area, where you are asked to give the code.. and finally enter your own new password for the account.

That’s all For Detail Tutorial On this  Facebook Account Hacking Method check How To Hack Facebook Account Using Ss7 Attack.

  • Social Engineering Attack.
If you are a good researcher, you might have probably come across this method before, but it’s not working because you are not doing it the right way.
According to Wikipedia, Social Engineering is any act that influences a person to take an action that may or may not be in their best interests.
Or rather the act of manipulating the human psychological sense in other to get a person confidential details by exploiting the weakness in the person such as greed, passionate and many others.
To hack anyone Facebook account, you will need to install SEToolkit [Social Engineering Toolkit], it’s a free source tool and doesn’t requires root.
Here is the guide on How To install SEToolkit On Termux or GNUroot, for Kali Linux users/Backtrack… You probably know where to locate SET in Linux So
Here’s the Deal:
Create a Facebook mimic link or page, but here is a NOTICE:- there are other hacking script that can help you to create a perfect Facebook mimic page/link..
such as SocialFish e.t.c, it’s automated, just pick the site you want to clone and the script will run some command and it generate you a link to send to your victim.
SEToolkit isn’t the only one that can help.. here is How to install SocialFish Both On Kali and Termux, also here is a video guide on how to use it👇👇
Now that SocialFish Scripts has generated a Facebook mimic page for you, what’s the next step🤔🤔…
The next thing you will do is calm down, study your victim, list those things he loves and those things he always go extra mile to get for his or herself.. note your victim interest first…
In Here my victim is an art student,he loves music,he gets his music list updated all time, he uses head mp player in most pictures he upload, so how do I approach him.. Here we go:
All I will do is, make more research on music and entertainment and feed my self with latest gist and misics around, then I start the approach..
And here below you see how what I did.. the micmicked link page url is my localhost which is but I edited the text displayed as www.facebook.com/RBGTeam_Hub


As you can see in the above image so I will save this and send it my visiting, he will be eager to join the team to have fun and to also receive the fake token we will be  giving to sub-moderators every 24th😋😋.

So when he click on the mimicked fb page link we sent to his mail,
It will load the mimicked page for him to login his details, to access our false RBGTeam_Hub😂😹😂.

he will definitely login his fb account details to proceed to the false group because we have played it all well from the start… That’s all, I have successfully grabbed a friend account details😙😙.

  • Hacking Using WiFi Network.
Do you know you can hack Facebook account password using WiFi/hotspot networks🤗🤗
And to do carry out this operation,you need Wireshark,For Termux users here is How to install Wireshark in Termux, For Linux Users here is How to install Wireshark on Kali Linux.

All you need is just read the this guide, How To Hack Facebook Account Using Wireshark, this guides will help you master how to hack Facebook account using Wireshark.

  • Email ID Hacking
This method is pretty good to use only if your victim attached an email to his or her facebook account.


All you just need is to access the connected email id of any Facebook account and can manually reset the Facebook password, that’s all.

By now you should be master of yourself in Facebook Hacking… Stay Updated Cause I will be adding more new steps you haven’t come across before😉😉..
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  1. You don't have to pay anyone because you wanna hack an fb Id account.. the sucesss of hacking an fb account depends on you and how more tricky you are than your victim.. remember your victim is also as smart as you do, so read this tutorial carefully, but if you still think you need hands in the task.. hook me up.. I would try my best to help you


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