Hackers For Hire!!

At SMTECHUB!, we are offering a new service called “Hackers for Hire”. Companies, institutions and individuals who are in need of the assistance of a well-trained and certified hacker can always come here and we will surely find you the right hacker for the task.

Hackers are available for hire to;

(1) digital forensic analysis to determine who and how they hacked you;
(2) determine if you are being digitally stalked;
(3) finding the source of cyber harassment and bullying;
(4) private investigations and analysis;
(5) network vulnerability testing;
(6) penetration testing of all kind;
(7) web site vulnerability and penetration testing;
(8) finding background information  about an individual and people’s details;
(9) recommending information security measures;
(10) firewall and IDS testing;
(11) and nearly any information security related task.
If you are interested in hiring a trained and certified hacker,
please fill out the request form here.


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