How To Change Profile Name On Facebook After Limit 2019

How To Change Profile Name On Facebook After Limit2019Hello guys,today I will be sharing with you a trick on How to Change Profile name on Facebook 2019 even after you already got limits.

Here we go, I don’t know if probably you know how repeatedly I do change my Facebook name every seconds on Facebook, my friends are like, Malik how are you changing your name every time!!!🤔🤔 Tell us..

But the methods I do use in changing my Facebook name every seconds back then had been blocked after a lot of changes on facebook settings and UX designs..

But you know what.. Facebook still leaked another way for me and you😹😂😹, for us to change our names even when we have that fucking limit which says “You Can Only Change Your Name After 60 days” WTF!!!..
Here we go:

On a fateful day, Facebook logged me out and they sent to my email “Hez Kalled SaintMalik you won’t be able to login until you change your name and make use of the name you use in your day to day activity”, SHIT!!!😩😩

I love this Name am using “Hez Kalled SaintMalik” and I didn’t want to change it but Facebook got so harsh on me that, they totally logged me out on every device…

Then I had to send them a screenshot of my ID card so as to free myself, and do you know what?? Facebook did free me, they rewrote my Facebook name to the name on my ID card.

Even though I was not happy with them, then after that day a thought runs through my mind that if I submit a ID card or license to Facebook containing a name they will automatically update my Facebook name, Right🤔🤔…

then I think it will be pretty easy and fun to play with facebook profile names.. Here’s the deal:

How To Change Profile Name On Facebook Even After Limit 2019

Your Facebook profile name limits is exceeded and you want to change your profile name to your real name then, Click Here

How To Change Profile Name On Facebook After Limit 2019Fill that form and you have to upload your valid Government-issued Proof – photo ID like a Driver’s License, Birth Certificate or Passport etc and after your upload is done, finally click “Send” button.
Here are the list of things of identity proof you can use

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immigration card or green card
  • Personal or vehicle insurance card
  • National ID card
  • Voters Card
  • Paper works
But if probably you don’t have any of this you can also use
  • School I’d
  • Bus card
  • Credit card
  • Check
  • Utility bill
For more details on the proofs to be used in submission Click Here
And after you have successfully submit your Identification Proofs, Facebook will scan the proofs and update your profile with the name submitted in your proofs…
And that’s all.. you have successfully changed your profile name even after limits😋😋


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