SEO in 2019 Complete Beginner Favorites Guide


Ready to dominate in the SERPs and earn more revenue in 2019? Here is a free SEO course to enroll for


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The follow up to my very popular course, WordPress & Search Engine Optimization, this course gives a more in depth explanation of the complex world of Search Engine Optimization for Digital Marketing.  Using a combination of in person explanations as well as voiced over presentations and animations, I shed light on the processes that take are involved in Search Engine Optimization Marketing tactics.

The skills you will learn in this course can be applied in any  country and to any company. The digital marketing and digital advertising space is a global industry and professionals in the space need to have a global mindset to succeed.

If you have even a basic understand of the Digital Marketing  space, then I highly recommend taking this course. There is so much more to digital marketing and advertising than just Facebook and Google  and this course explains what those “other things” actually are and how  you can use them to promote your product or brand, or to further  monetize your content.

Topics Covered Are:
1. Introduction to Search Engine tactics and how it is implemented.I explain how this works, the companies  involved, and what these terms mean.

  • Do this. Not that. SEO.
What to do and what not to do for search engine optimizing. Ever wonder how ads actually are chosen to run in an app or on a  website site?


  • On Page SEO Guide:
Leveraging SEO friendly formatting Time spent on mobile overtook desktop in 2016. Learn how mobile works, different products, and important trends.
  • SEO Customization:

Selecting a range keywords that relate to one another can be difficult to manage.  Worried about fraud when it comes to digital advertising? So are the  pros. In this section I outline what kind of fraud exists, and how  advertisers and tech companies are fighting back.

  • Important SEO:

URL Optimization and tips  By now you know the importance of Data, but do you know what “data”  actually is and how it’s collected and used? This section breaks it down  and explains everything you need to know about advertising data.

  • Killer SEO Checklist :
Nearly every day there is a new product, company, or trend affecting the advertising world. I cover a few high-level things you should be  aware of that could result in major changes to our industry.
Who this course is for:

  • Beginners with an interest in search engine marketing for business
What you’ll learn
Search Engine Marketing
✅Search Engine Optimization
✅Search Engine Monetization
✅Website Formating
  • Internet Access
  • Ability to analyze marketing tactics


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