OSIF – Open Source Information Facebook On Termux & Kali Linux

OsifFacebook is one of the most popular platform now a days, Everyone looking some tricks or hacks for facebook, which may be phishing, do we key-loggers.
But here we are going to look some other interesting hacks about facebook. What if you can gather personal information of your facebook friends, Sounds Great..!!
In this article, I bring an awesome tool called as OSIF (Open Source Information Facebook) Which is developed by CiKu370 (Debby Anggraini) .
OSIF is an accurate facebook account information gathering, all sensitive information can be easily gathered even though the target converts all of its privacy to (only me), Sensitive information about residence, date of birth, occupation, phone number and email address.
get_data             fetching all friends data
get_info              show information about your friend
dump_id             fetching all id from friend list
dump_phone       fetching all phone number from friend list
dump_mail          fetching all emails from friend list
dump_<id>_id    fetching all id from your friends <spesific>
ex: dump_username_id
token                 Generate access token
cat_token           show your access token
rm_token           remove access token
bot                    open bot menu
clear                 clear terminal
help                  show help
about                Show information about this program
exit                   Exit the program
“This tutorial is strictly for Education purpose, We are not responsible for any kind of damage.”
Download OSIF from Github :
git clone https://github.com/CiKu370/OSIF.git
pip install -r requirements.txt
python osif.py
First we need to generate access token (that’s means login own facebook account via the tool), after token generated successfully then we can perform interesting options provides by the developers.
If you have any problem using this tool…comment below!!


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